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You are not alone. 

If you are struggling with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender feelings, you need to know that there are millions of us who have shared your journey.

You do not have to believe what you are being told about yourself.

There is freedom from the cycle of pain, shame and fear caused by restorative/reparative/exgay therapy.

If you're gay or think you might be gay, you don't have to allow yourself to be recruited into a simulated heterosexual lifestyle. Self-acceptance is the only real way to end the relentless and dangerous rollercoaster of reparative/restorative therapy.

Tired of pretending? Tired of lying to yourself and others? Tired of living a dual life? You can change the direction of your life and find peace, hope, love and happiness.

Your journey to self acceptance is not an easy one.  However, it will be an honest one. Most of us on this journey have found that the hardest things and the right things are usually the same thing.

It is much easier to go with the crowd and pretend that you are adapting a simulated heterosexual lifestyle. But as you know that never lasts for very long. The guilt from lying and the shame from hurting people you love by not being honest can be devastating.

Still, you are not alone. Your faith in self-acceptance is the only way to live a fulfilled and happy life. Real, unconditional love, personal peace and true happiness are waiting for you.

To find out more about starting your journey to self-acceptance, send us an email and share your journey with us. Unlike what you've already experienced with restorative options, you won't be discarded or judged because you have questions or doubts.



You said that I could find peace


then you told me I was worthless


You said that I could smile again 


then you turned out the light


You were no different from the others


expecting what I could never give


Promising the road to hope

then leaving me alone, lonely and afraid


You said I chose what I lived 


then you told me the price I would pay


You said my life would change


then abandoned me when there was no way


Your truth was a lie

you wished it to be real if you told it enough


You said my failure was a lack of faith


yhen I cried and tried and cried


You said I lacked desire and sincerity

then I fell to pieces and died inside


I loved life but could not live mine

You beat me then stole my last breath


You said to ignore the sound of footsteps 


the sound of others on the same road


You said that to live any other way was unacceptable

then I knew I only had to accept myself


The road is long and lonely

Even though so many are walking

I will leave a light.

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